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Driving efficiency with the latest innovations in spraying technology.

Croplands Equipment has been manufacturing and distributing spray application solutions since 1972. Our equipment is designed to see crops and farmers thrive. And as they grow, so do we.

With manufacturing and marketing operations based in Australia and New Zealand and distribution of WEED-IT optical spot sprayer solutions in Canada, we are continually evolving our range to meet the changing needs of our customers. We understand their challenges and work with them to produce innovative and effective solutions.

As a subsidiary of crop protection company Nufarm Ltd alongside agricultural seed company Nuseed, Croplands has a deep understanding of the importance of effective and efficient chemical application.

Croplands WEED-IT 7000

After nearly 50 years, we are still guided by the strong family values that marked our beginning. Driven by integrity and a respect for our customers, we adapt to change and invent solutions when none can be found.

Sean Mulvaney, Croplands Equipment General Manager

Our products

Croplands WEED-IT 7000

Simple, reliable, durable.

Engineered with the latest technology, Croplands Equipment spraying solutions are as highly durable as they are easy to operate. While our main focus in Canada is on WEED-IT optical spot spraying, in our other markets we manufacture and distribute sprayers of all types and sizes.

Technical support and service

Croplands Equipment technicians know your sprayer inside and out, from pump to boom. Customers can expect the very best local support from the Croplands Equipment dealer network.

Croplands Linkage Nozzles


supplying the world’s best

From our small-scale spraying solutions and components right up to the largest of self-propelled sprayers, Croplands carefully selects and sources products from around the globe to deliver first-class productivity and efficiency.



Croplands Equipment starts manufacturing and selling orchard sprayers in New Zealand under the management of founder, Miles Deck. The business expands and commences exporting to Australia and the USA.


Croplands is purchased by Nufarm Ltd and the head office established in Dry Creek, South Australia. Australian manufacturing of orchard sprayers begins.


Croplands expands footprint with offices in Toowoomba, Perth and Albury. Commences distribution of the SpraCoupe self-propelled sprayer and develops new Broadacre trailed sprayers, Stallion, Brumby and Pinto.


Croplands releases the versatile Quantum Mist range and larger capacity Pegasus Broadacre trailed sprayer range. Secures the Australia and New Zealand distribution rights for RoGator self-propelled sprayers.


Croplands continues to expand with a new partnership in St Arnaud and develops a new range of WEED-IT optical spot sprayer solutions for distribution in Australia and Canada.


Guided by the strong values that marked our beginning, we continue to listen to our customers and evolve to deliver quality spraying solutions that maximise efficiency.


Check out our current open opportunities on our careers page. Or alternatively, you can also get in touch with us to ask about future opportunities.