WEED-IT, from Croplands, is an evolution in weed management.

Using advanced sensors, WEED-IT detects chlorophyll in the leaves of actively growing weeds in fallow fields, identifying and targeting them with unrivalled accuracy. This saves you water and time, preserves precious soil moisture and minimises the weed seed bank.

WEED-IT’s various detection and PWM settings make WEED-IT suitable to take care of all your spray operations during the season – effectively and economically.

WEED-IT is the future that puts hard-to-kill weeds in the past.

Croplands WEED-IT Sensor

set yourself up for huge savings

Engineered for efficiency, the WEED-IT optical spot spraying system’s nozzle activation, spacing and weed detection capabilities ensure speed and accuracy unlike anything else.

superior mode of detection

WEED-IT Quadro’s near-infrared technology emits a blue light, making it more sensitive to the chlorophyll in fallow weeds and less sensitive to any interfering factors.

This advanced mode of detection enables faster travel speeds and targets even the smallest of weeds. Plus, its 50Hz 6-volt solenoids ensure exceptionally fast and accurate nozzle activation.

improved resistance management

WEED-IT uses a fraction of the herbicide normally used when blanket spraying. By employing a wider range of chemicals that are normally considered too expensive for blanket application, you gain a huge advantage in managing herbicide resistance.

Because of this, weed seed banks are minimized, reducing the spread of herbicide-resistant weeds.

automatic calibration for effortless operation

WEED-IT automatically calibrates 40,000 times per second, compensating for factors such as dust, daylight conditions and the presence of stubble.

WEED-IT also performs just as well at night, giving you a wider window for application.

less strain on your electrical system

The clever 48-volt system draws far less current. This means that unlike other weed detection equipment, there’s little strain on your tractor’s electrical system.

excellent turn compensation

Weeds are targeted accurately around tight corners, regardless of boom tip speed. This is because each sensor is fitted with a three-axis accelerometer for integrated speed correction.

sensors distributed for precision

WEED-IT is a modular precision spraying system, so we can fit as many detection sensors as require for your sprayer and farm size.

WEED-IT sensors are spaced 40″ apart and each sensor individually controls four solenoids with a nozzle spacing of 10″.

in-cab monitor and controller

WEED-IT’s easy to use display provides constant monitoring of solenoid and sensor operation. Malfunctions and errors are reported on-screen, including warnings for low pressure, sensor faults and voltage.

spray application with WEED-IT

WEED-IT systems offer three modes of spray application.

WEED-IT Spot Spraying

Spot Spray

WEED-IT’s spot-spraying mode enables you to eliminate detectable weeds (leaf surface of at least 1 square-cm) in fallow land conditions. This mode is mostly used for post-harvest burn-off and chem-fallow spray applications.

WEED-IT Dual Mode

Dual Mode

Apply a minimum full coverage PWM application rage and an increased rate on single plants detected. This enables you to effectively eliminate all weeds present when your spray window is tight and weeds are small, ie pre-seed burn- off.

WEED-IT Full Coverage

Full coverage

WEED-IT’s PWM technology combined with integrated section control, enables the option of full coverage application. A mode mostly used for fungicide, insecticide and residual chemical application.

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