WEED-IT 7000


The first fully integrated twin-tank, twin-line sprayer.

Croplands’ heavy-duty, hydraulic fold 120ft contour-following booms are designed to take on the most challenging broadacre farming conditions.

Designed to maintain even height above the ground to optimize weed detection, the Croplands WEED-IT 7000 can operated at five different planes to mirror the contours as accurately as possible. Hydraulically steered inner boom wheels and air-ride suspension guarantee a smooth operation at higher speeds, longevity and easy folding and unfolding of booms.

Named after its 7000-litre (1850 US Gal) main tank, it also includes an 800-litre (200 US Gal) flushing tank and 1500-litre (400 US Gal) hot tank, the latter of which holds high-concentration chemicals for spot spraying. This combination enables the opportunity to apply different chemistry in the same pass through separate spray lines, helping in the management of hard-to-kill weeds and inhibiting herbicide resistance.

Croplands’ high-tech ground-following boom is available in two more compact sizes – 4000-litre (1050 US Gal) and 6000-litre (1600 US Gal), providing a fit for every farm size.

Croplands WEED-IT 7000
If you’re looking for a dedicated tool to apply chemistry more effectively and economically, look no further.

1850 gallon Main tank

UV and chemical resistant polyethylene tank, fitted with hinged lid and controlled overflow plumbing, filling strainer, top fill and fully draining sump. Comes standard with dual agitators, direct chemical induction, tank rinsing facility and drain/

400 Gallon hot tank

Polyethylene tank, fitted with dual lids and controlled overflow plumbing. Holds high concentration chemicals for spot spraying.

200 gallon flush tank

Polyethylene tank, fitted with lid and controlled overflow plumbing. Bottom fill and fully draining sump.

Croplands WEED-IT 7000


  • Heavy duty fabricated chassis with easy access walk over platform designed for maximum accessibility and safety
  • Easy access to main tank lid
  • Fitted standard with wide, low dust 24.5 – 32 tyres and wheels
  • Standard axle is fixed track 3m axle with airbag suspension and automatic ride height valve
  • Mudguards and mudflaps are standard
  • Airbag suspension, heavy duty adjustable drawbar hitch with swivel cast eye and jack stand
  • Optional hydraulic jack version
  • Integral WEED-IT boom connection points 
  • 20 litre chemical drum rack
  • Optional LED Lighting for fill station
Croplands WEED-IT 7000

CHemical handling

  • 60 litre Chem-e-Flush 60 hopper with drop down leg for the Main tank
  • Fixed Arag Niagra 30 litre hopper for the Hot tank
  • Integrated suction probes (for each tank) transports chemical directly into the tank, without putting neat chemical through the pump

dual line plumbing

  • Main tank/blanket line is a hydraulically driven Hypro centrifugal pump. This traditional 5 section line can be used both with and without the WEED-IT line. The blanket line only draws chemical from the main tank, but can be shut off when not required. The blanket line has traditional 110° nozzles at 50cm spacings.
  • Hot tank/WEED-IT line is a Hypro centrifugal pump with LifeGuard seals. The WEED-IT line targets actively growing weeds and can be used on its own or in conjunction with the blanket line. The WEED-IT line can draw chemical from either tank depending on the application and has 40° nozzles at 25cm spacings.
  • Fence line nozzles are fitted to both the blanket line and WEED-IT spot spraying line
Croplands WEED-IT Control Panel

fill and filtration

2” Self filling pump delivers water to the control panel Rotary valve filling main tank, hot tank or flush tank. Optional: Self filling 3” system . Multiple filtration points:

  • Basket 18 mesh (main tank only)
  • 2 x Filling 32 mesh
  • 2 x Pressure 80 mesh
  • Multiple 100 mesh boom in-line filters, fitted to the blanket line


VISIO tank level display – a small in cab screen accurately displays the hot tank volume. Easy to use main control panel suitably positioned between both chemical hoppers. Hinged for easy access to plumbing.

WEED-IT Controller

in-cab monitor & controller

WEED-IT’s easy to use intelligent display provides constant monitoring of solenoids and sensor operations, with malfunctions or errors reported on screen – including warnings for low pressure, sensor faults and voltage.

The smart design allows for easy fault identifications. Response time is automated to ensure the nozzle hits the target.

Turn compensation is a standard feature.

see the Croplands weed-it 7000 in action

Filmed in Australia, check out our footage of the Croplands WEED-IT 7000 in field and hear from Croplands Equipment Portfolio Manager, Steve Norton, on how this technology will help you target weeds more accurately.


Check out the Croplands Equipment WEED-IT Buyers Guide for more information.