WEED-IT Quadro new features

February 2021

New software update enables Canadian growers to target resistant weeds with both spot spraying and full-coverage spraying.

The world’s most accurate, fast and easy-to-use weed detection and spot spraying technology, WEED-IT, has released a new software update that continues to set it apart from other sprayers on the market. With the latest WEED-IT Quadro update, growers can now use WEED-IT Quadro for both spot spraying – targeting all weeds on fallow ground – and for in-crop full-coverage spraying with its Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) features. This allows farmers to accurately apply post-emergent products on a per-nozzle basis with speed and turn compensation.

WEED-IT’s PWM nozzle control allows a wide application rate with any nozzle type, reducing the need to switch nozzles and saving growers precious time and increasing efficiency of the sprayer and the applied treatment.

Farmers around the world choose WEED-IT over other spot spraying systems because of its ease of use, robustness and effectiveness.

Jesper Voois, Croplands Equipment Product Manager

“Farmers around the world choose WEED-IT over other spot spraying systems because of its ease of use, robustness and effectiveness,” says Croplands Equipment Canada Product Manager Jesper Voois. “This latest update makes WEED-IT more versatile and even more appealing to growers in Canada.”

Always optimal with WEED-IT stepless nozzle control

The new software update also introduces continuous variable transmissions (CVT) technology for continuous variation of WEEDIT’s PWM nozzle control. This new update allows for any operator – experienced or inexperienced – to automatically work with the optimal speed for the job.

Sprayer operators are used to suboptimal application rates when accelerating from the headland,  because the flow regulator is increasing the flow in steps. WEED-IT has now managed, partly thanks to the standard 50 Hz high frequency, to have the PWM nozzle control correct stepless for the time the flow regulator requires to regulate. With WEED-IT stepless nozzle control technology, the application rate is optimal and on-target regardless of acceleration and deceleration to and from headlands.

Conventional PWM control (left) with under and over dosages while accelerating and decelerating compared to WEED-IT Quadro PWM control (right) with a constant and optimal application rate target regardless of acceleration and deceleration.

Compatible with older systems

This software release, version V4.12 for terminals and version V3.42 for sensors, is standard on new WEED-IT Quadro systems and can be retrofitted to terminals with version V4.10 and higher and Quadro sensors with software version V3.40 and higher.

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