Cropliner Rover SP

air-blast sprayer

The lowest profile and most manoeuvrable self-propelled sprayer on the market.

The Cropliner Rover Self-Propelled sprayer is small and agile enough to get into and spray where a tractor and sprayer combination simply can’t, making manoeuvring around rows easy and efficient.

The customised Fieni fan has been designed to deliver optimal coverage across a wide spectrum.

Croplands Cropliner Rover SP
Croplands Cropliner Rover SP


Highly efficient FIENI 820 DSV front entry fan. Downstream straightening vanes. Designed to generate more air with lower HP.


Quality AR BHS-170 brass pump fitted as standard. Optional AR BHS-200 for higher volume applications.


Fitted standard with HV-2400 auto rate controller.

Croplands Cropliner Rover SP Fan


Brass roll-over nozzle bodies fitted, stainless steel disc and brass cores. Number will vary dependent on fan selection.


2000L low profile tank

  • Length 5580mm
  • Width 1870mm
  • Height 1370mm
  • Dry weight 2,630kg.
Croplands Cropliner Rover SP

operator station

Fully sealed and air-conditioned cab with carbon filters. Easy navigation with reversing camera and LCD display.


4-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine.


  • Mechanical drive
  • 5 x speed manual with high and low range
  • Single speed reverse
  • Speed ranges from 1-24 km/hr
  • Selectable 2 or 4-wheel mechanical drive
  • Selectable 2 or 4-wheel steer (with auto-alignment and non-alignment indicator)
  • Hydraulically operated 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Supplied on 400 / 60 x 15.5 flotation tyres


Browse the Croplands Tree Crop Spray guide for more details.


Cropliner Rover SP

Self propelled air-blast sprayer