utility sprayers

versatile. long-lasting.

Sprayers and accessories for the home and garden, farm and beyond.

Versatile and long-lasting, the Croplands range of utility sprayers has been designed to deliver efficient application solutions no matter the setting.

Croplands Swissmex 15-litre knapsack – SW503

Explore our Utility Sprayer Range

Knapsacks and handheld sprayers

Sprayers designed for small-area target spot spraying.

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CropPak 12 Volt Sprayers

Compact sprayers well suited for repeat, spot spraying operations.

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TrailPak 300

Spray units designed to be carried or towed by ATV and UTV vehicles.

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TrailPak 1100 | 1500

A cost effective solution for pasture spraying, small cropping areas and dairy farms.

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TrayPak Traymount Sprayers

Honda-powered motorised sprayers for those larger jobs.

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Gear up for the fire season with a Croplands firefighter in either traymount or trailed models.

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