Quantum Vineyard Sprayers

fan sprayers

When it comes to disease control in your vineyard, spray coverage and performance efficiency are key.

The high-volume, turbulent air delivered by our Quantumâ„¢ sprayers opens up the foliage, allowing spray to penetrate into very dense canopies. This ensures more accurate coverage onto both sides of the leaves and into the tightest of bunches.

It is this technology that makes Croplands fans quite simply the best on the market.

Croplands Quantum Mist 420 2 Row
Croplands industry-leading Quantum fans

Explore the Croplands Quantum VINEYARD range

Quantum Smart Spray

Our premium model vineyard sprayer, packed with new technology and innovation.

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Quantum 420 Two and Three Row

Featuring the new QM-420 fan with dual spray ring, these Quantum Mist sprayers take the proven formula to the next level.

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Quantum 420 Single Row

Perfect for smaller scale and estate vineyards, Quantum 420 Single Row sprayers take coverage to the next level.

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Quantum 420 Linkage

Quantumâ„¢ Single Row linkage sprayers are ideal for smaller vineyards or where topography means a trailed sprayer is not suitable.

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Quantum 1000 Trailed

High quality and cost effective solution for smaller or boutique operations.

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