Croplands Agripak 1000

Pastures play an important role in agricultural enterprises across New Zealand.

Establishing and maintaining pastures can deliver increased productivity and profitability on farm, providing a cost-effective feed source for mixed farming operations.

Whether applying plant growth regulators, pesticides or liquid fertilisers, our team can help ensure you get the right sprayer for your property.

selecting the right pasture sprayer

Engineered with the latest technology, our sprayers are as highly durable as they are easy to operate. They set the standard for reliability and efficiency with features including:

Croplands Pegasus 6000

Heavy-duty powder coated framework

For durability in rough or rocky paddocks.

Rate control technology

Put the right rate out every time.

Croplands AgriPak 800

Wide range of linkage options

For optimum manoeuvrability.

Croplands Pegasus 8000

Variety of boom widths

Options for both larger and smaller paddocks.

Croplands Pegasus 6000

Electric or hydraulic wing fold and lift

Allows for flexible spraying near fence-lines or channels

Croplands Pegasus 6000

Adaptable nozzles and parts

High quality and readily available through the Croplands dealer network.

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