Broadacre Trailed

Pegasus trailed sprayers provide reliable, user-friendly solutions with carrying capacity to match growers’ needs.

Engineered with the latest technology, Pegasus sprayers are as highly durable as they are easy to operate. They set the standard for reliability and efficiency, providing growers with confidence in their performance season after season.

Pegasus boom options range from 24 to 36-metres and feature the unique parallelogram boom lift and hydraulic accumulator suspension to maximise boom spraying stability, spraying accuracy and a dramatic improvement in boom life.

Heavy-duty UV and chemical spraying resistant polyethylene tanks are available in 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000-litre sizes.


For improved chemical distribution across the boom, upgrade to a stainless steel 1″ boom plumbing system with four major booms feeds. Boom tubes are bent at either 90 or 180 degrees to enhance flow for rapid auto-section response times and to minimise chemical residues or contamination.

Recirculation valve enables boom priming with every new full tank, while also helping to speed up the boom decontamination process.

250mm nozzle spacing upgrade

250mm nozzle spacings provide improved penetration in stubbles and better chemical distribution in stubbles and better chemical distribution in uneven paddocks.

More nozzles often mean more effective results on challenges such as grasses. Air stop valves, fitted directly to the nozzle body, allow rapid auto-boom shut-off speeds – even with high boom pressures.

Croplands Pegasus 8000

A good sprayer works well in ideal conditions. The perfect sprayer works anywhere.

Andrew Calvert, Croplands Pegasus 6000 owner, Western Victoria

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Pegasus 5000 | 6000

Unrivalled spraying control over almost any terrain – 5000 or 6000-litre models.

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Pegasus 7000

Exceptional productivity and effortless operation for large-scale farming.

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Pegasus 8000

High capacity, exceptional productivity with the Pegasus 8000-litre model.

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