Three Point Linkage

Safety and Efficiency

Croplands linkage sprayers are engineered to deliver safe and efficient spray application.

Linkage sprayers are most commonly used on smaller properties and where the weight of larger trailed or self-propelled sprayers causes compaction issues.

Using the 3-point linkage of a tractor the weight of the spray tank is kept close to the rear wheels for safety and to optimise load-carrying potential.

Croplands has linkage sprayers available from 300 to 1600 litres in size, with boom sizes available from 4 metres to 24 metres.

Also available in 3-point linkage configuration for horticultural applications is the CropAir airblast sprayer and Quantum Mist® tree or vine sprayer.

Croplands AgriPak 1000

Explore our Three Point Linkage Range

AgriPak Linkage Sprayers

Croplands best-selling linkage range with tanks sizes 300 up to 1600-litres, offering spraying solutions for properties of all sizes.

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Quantum 420 Linkage

Quantumâ„¢ Single Row linkage sprayers are ideal for smaller vineyards or where topography means a trailed sprayer is not suitable.

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CropAir Sprayers

High-quality and cost-effective compact air-blast sprayers ideally suited to growers with smaller or boutique operations.

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