Fan sprayers

coverage is the key

Our very first sprayer made its way into an orchard nearly fifty years ago.

We’ve come a long way since then, evolving and expanding our range to suit the majority of horticulture and viticulture crops. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to giving growers the ultimate in spray coverage.

Croplands machines are built with a respect for Australia’s tough and varying terrain. Engineered to endure, Croplands spraying equipment gives growers the confidence to take on row after row. Saving time, reducing costs and maximising productivity.

Our premium fan range delivers unparalleled coverage, performance and reliability.


All our air-blast fans are engineered by Fieni, a global leader in agricultural fan design, manufacturing and innovation.

Croplands and Fieni have been collaborating since 1972, and together we set the standard for fan sprayer performance, efficiency, penetration and coverage. And with Fieni fans available from 500mm in diameter to 1060mm, there’s a model to meet your orchard’s needs.

Quantum Mist Orchard Tower


Croplands Tower and Vineyard sprayers are fitted with Quantum™ hydraulic-driven fans.

The high-volume, turbulent air delivered by our Quantum sprayers opens up the foliage, allowing spray to penetrate into very dense canopies.

The Quantum fan design is very popular in large-scale tree crop orchards and orchards. Delivering excellent spray coverage at high travel speeds so growers can enjoy exceptional efficiency while reducing costs.

Explore our TREE CROP AND KIWIFRUIT sprayer Range


Cropliner Rover SP

Lowest profile and most manoeuvrable self-propelled sprayer on the market paired with highly efficient Fieni fan performance.

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Designed specifically for spraying kiwifruit, where a shorter and lower profile is required.

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Cropliner Trailed Sprayers

Conventional air-blast sprayer design, available in a range of models.

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CropAir Sprayers

High-quality and cost-effective compact air-blast sprayers ideally suited to growers with smaller or boutique operations.

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Quantum Tower Sprayers

Fitted with market-leading Quantum fans, these tower sprayers set the standard in tree spraying.

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Quantum Horizon

Vegetable sprayer fitted with Quantum Mist fans for targeted, variable air.

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