Berry Sprayers


MM Berry Sprayers. Air-blast sprayers designed and manufactured in Modena, Italy and proudly imported in NZ by Croplands Equipment.

These compact but robust high volume sprayers are built with rugged steel frames and chemically resistant tanks.

Standard SP Berry Sprayer

• Subaru Engine 13.5 HP
• Honda on demand electric start
• 400mm fan
• 6 nozzles per side
• Hydraulic transmission & disengagement
• Dimensions 800 x 120 x 120
• Weight 330kg

Linear SP Berry Sprayer

• Max speed 10km/h
• 200L polyethylene tank
• External suction filter
• Triple diaphragm pump 40 Bar 46lpm
• Visio spray monitor (optional)
• Towing hook
• Steel tubular epoxy coated frame

standard features

Comfortable seat with accessible controls
Ergonomic steering wheel and lever
Simple advancement with pedal parking brake
Hydrostatic transmission
Visio rate monitor
Exhaust and pump engine compartment integrated
2500mm turning circle
14% Slope maximum


MM Berry Sprayer Linear ENQUIRE
MM Berry Sprayer Standard ENQUIRE