RoGator C Series

Self-propelled sprayers

A lot has changed since the uniquely professional-grade, self-propelled RoGator was conceived in 1969.

What hasn’t changed is your need for a technologically advanced machine that works for you, not the other way around. You need a liquid system that keeps product mixed and in motion, reduces waste and minimises contamination. Section control that’s more precise than precise. A powerful, smart drive system that provides consistent power, consistent torque and consistent traction. So you can put all your energy into precision application.

And you need a machine that anyone can easily learn and easily operate – without a degree in astrophysics.

You asked for it. You got it. Apply like a pro with RoGator C Series.

RoGator RG1300C

RoGator RG1300C

operators and liquid systems should always be in constant motion.

LiquidLogicTM is arguable the world’s most advanced liquid-system technology.

CONTINUOUS RECIRCULATION The FlowLogicTM system continuously circulates product through the boom, plumbing and filters. Start with charged booms without wasteful stationery spraying, apply with product always in motion and finish with a thorough rinse that significantly minimises the risk of contamination.

LESS OVERLAP, LESS CROP DAMAGE The NozzleLogicTM system controls up to 35 boom sections. Nozzle body valves provide precise on/off section control, so you sprayer where you want to, not where you don’t/

PRODUCT STAYS PERPETUALLY MIXED The OptiMotionTM auto-agitation system allows you to preset the amount of agitation, and the machine automatically adjusts as the tank empties, letting you focus on application, not adjusting valves.

unprecedented product recovery

Rain, wind and a hundred other things can stop a job before it’s done, letting residues settle in the plumbing.

ClearFlowTM, the industry’s first full-recovery system, pushes unused product from the plumbing back into the tank, prior to a tank or boom rinse. Product goes back in the tank to be re-agitated or off-loaded, minimising waste and contamination.

So you’ll be confident plumbing and booms are clean.

RoGator RG1300C Pommier Boom

better booms. better yields.

RoGator C Series sprayers are available with the most boom options in the business.

SUPERIOR STABILITY Select from a 30.5 or 36.6 metre high tensile steel boom. Tried and tested over many years for unrivalled duability and stability.

A WIDER, LIGHTER FOOTPRINT Now available is the industry-leading 48-metre aluminium boom. Designed in collaboration with Pommier – world leaders in aluminium boom innovation, design and manufacturing. They have over thirty years of experience and are the ultimate solution for farmers wanting a lighter, stronger, wider boom.

The aluminium Pommier boom provides the perfect blend of productivity and reliability for those farms where size does matter.

a drive system that’s always thinking.

The days of needing to run all-out, all-the-time are over. The efficient 8.4L engines manage their own speed, so you can perform at top level – and apply with precision accuracy – even when the engine runs at a lower speed.

The engine, drive system and hydraulic pump work with each other for optimal performance. Engine RPM is managed automatically to deliver drive and system performance, even when needs change with soil and terrain.

You’ll save fuel, reduce wear and minimise operator fatigue.

all-wheel traction control. all the time.

SmartDrive, standard on all C Series machines, continuously and independently controls each wheel. Wheel slip is automatically countered by sending more power to the gripping wheels, while managing the slipping wheel to regain traction.

ManagementTMS – smart power and RPM automationAs per RG1100C
Traction controlAWD SmartDriveAs per RG1100C
Speed controlAccuCruise speed presets (2 field, 2 road); forward and reverse shuttleAs per RG1100C
LiquidLogic– FlowLogic recirucluating boom
– NozzleLogic at-nozzle shut-off
– OptiLoad level sensor, keypad with display and in-terminal readout
– OptiMotion auto-scaled agitation
– Optional ClearFlow boom clean out/recovery
As per RG100C
Booms30.5m/36.6m standard. Stainless steel recirculating plumbing30.5m/36.6m standard. Stainless steel recirculating plumbing.
Optional 48m aluminium Pommier boom.
Tank sizes4100-litre/5000-litre Stainless steel tank with internal baffles, full length stainless steel agitation and rinse tubes.5000-litre/6000-litre Stainless steel tank with internal baffles, full length stainless steel agitation and rinse tubes.
Chemical handlingHopper/inductor, 3″ fill system standard.
Optional 70-litre chemical transfer pump with EnviroCrum couplers, 3″ fresh fill pump, electric flush kit.
As per RG1100C
Other safetyOversize signs standard.
Optional 2-way radio.
As per RG1100C
Field speed42 km/h42 km/h
Road speed53 km/h58 km/h
Cab suspensionIsolator mount with air ride cabAs per RG1100C
RadioAM/FM CD with weather band with Bluetooth and microphone. Optional satellite radio.As per RG1100C
HVACAutomatic temperature control.As per RG1100C
FiltrationThree-level activated carbon.As per RG1100C
Steering wheel14″ diameter, leather-wrapped.As per RG1100C
SeatCloth air-ride seat standard. Optional heated/vented leather seat.As per RG1100C
StandardAccuTerminal with AgControl rate and 35-section controlAs per RG1100C
OptionalRaven Viper 4 with AccuBoom 15-section controlAs per RG1100C

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Check out the RoGator C Series buyers guide for more information and machine specifications.

Learn More

Check out the RoGator C Series buyers guide for more information and machine specifications.


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