Croplands spray controller technology

25 May 2021

Croplands Quantum Mist Fusion Controller
Fusion controller – standard on Croplands premium Quantum Mist Smart Spray grape sprayer

At Croplands, we recognise the important role that spray rate controllers play in accurate spray application.

Spray rate controllers have long been acknowledged as essential in achieving accurate application when spraying wine grapes.

Like all technologies, spray controller capabilities are rapidly evolving to meet customer demands and industry requirements. 

Andrew Germein, Croplands Horticulture Product Lead

Coverage mapping or “proof of placement” is becoming more common across the viticulture industry.

Fusion Controller
Fusion controller – full colour touchsreen and integrated joystick

In 2019 Croplands released a new Fusion control system which is standard on its Premium Smart Spray model range.

Using a colour touch screen and integrated electronic joystick, the Fusion controls both sprayer and hydraulic functions eliminating the need for multiple control boxes in the cab.

A NuPoint 850 data management system can be added to record spray coverage and rate applied at travel speed.

This data collected forms the basis of an electronic spray diary, with the business manager able to generate spray jobs which are sent to the operator’s smart phone.

Arag IBX-100

Released for 2021 is the ARAG IBX-100 ISOBUS controller system.

It too controls spray and hydraulic functions, can map spray coverage and auto section control if suitably optioned.

Top Notch Large Crop Sprayer Advice

17 OCTOBER 2019

Croplands is pleased to announce the appointment of a self-propelled and large crop sprayer specialist to support New Zealand farmers and contractors.

Andy Mawley previously ran a spray contracting business in the Hawke’s Bay for 20 years. He is now teaming up with the Croplands sales team to offer advice and support to dealers and end users.

A crucial part of Andy’s role is to find the exact match of operator and machine. He will visit contractors and growers around New Zealand to get an understanding of their businesses and pair them with the exact model and specifications they require.

Croplands New Zealand regional manager Rob Marshall says Croplands has been manufacturing and supplying spray equipment in New Zealand farmers for more than 47 years. Until now it has not had someone in the role Andy is taking on.

“Andy’s new role is vital for a company that stakes its reputation as a spray application specialist,” Rob says.

“Our key suppliers – Rogator and Bargam – offer a number of different models and countless options. Having someone like Andy in our team, who can draw on many years of personal experience owning and operating these machines, can provide that extra layer of knowledge to ensure we are quoting for exactly what our clients need.

“There is ever increasing choice in this growing market, and we are striving to deliver a level of support that will give farmers and contractors confidence in dealing with us.”

Andy says he keeps hearing stories about people who have purchased high value spray equipment only to have it dropped off without adequate operator training or support.

“We want to lead the industry in this area,” he says. “My role is not only to help our customers through the sales process, but more importantly to help them set up their machines correctly, train operators, and provide on-going support to the end users and to the Croplands dealers,” Andy says.

This alone will be a huge benefit, however the service goes deeper. Andy will help ensure the absolutely best spray job possible is coming out of the machine. He can talk about chemicals, rates of application, timings and nozzles.

“Maybe I will see something they are doing and have suggestions on how they can improve their spray outcomes. Maybe maintenance or sprayer hygiene has been issues in the past and I could help farmers and contractors get good systems in place so they can be more efficient and get the best possible return on their significant investment.”

Rob says when they first conceived of this role it made so much sense.

“Two of Croplands’ key philosophies are to put the customer’s needs in the centre of all that we do and to provide innovative application products. Andy helps us deliver on both of these fronts.

“He has operated our Bargam self-propelled sprayers for 15 years, so he is not only familiar with our products, he is also in tune with the spray contractor market. He really understands how contractors operate and what their specific requirements and challenges are.”

Rob says tying together Andy’s knowledge of sprayers and agronomy with his experiences as a contractor will offer a high level of support to all Croplands customers and dealers.

Regular contact with the Nufarm New Zealand team will also ensure that Andy is kept up to date on the latest research and products.

Croplands values feedback from clients, and part of Andy’s role is to maintain relationships with clients and ensure their suggestions shape future models.

Gibb Bros increase capacity with Bargam Fox

24 JULY 2019

Gibb Bros is a third generation, vegetable farming business based in South East Queensland.

The company farms across several sites, including the fertile Fassifern Valley and the rich plains of the Darling Downs, near Toowoomba.

Following a recent acquisition of additional land, Gibb Bros had the need to add a new sprayer to their fleet. Having purchased a Bargam Fox trailed sprayer in 2012, the team at Gibb Bros elected to purchase another of the same model, taking delivery of a new Bargam Fox 2700 trailed sprayer with 16.5 metre air boom.

Fox trailing sprayers are manufactured in Italy by the Bargam group, one of the premier sprayer manufacturers in Europe, and imported into Australia by Croplands Equipment. Well known for their variable track axle (1.5m – 2.1m) and fully galvanised, side folding hydraulic boom, the Fox is a versatile sprayer for both row and broadacre crop types.

Fitted to the two Gibb Bros sprayers are the Bargam Air Assisted Booms which make it possible to work with 6/8 m/sec strong winds, making the machine less dependent on surrounding weather conditions and significantly minimising spray drift.

These sprayers operate twelve months of the year across a wide variety of crops including lettuces, celery, kale and cabbages, often needing to move from spraying young seedlings to more mature crops within a few hours. As such, air volume and speed adjustment from the cab was a critical requirement. This is accomplished via an optional integrated ARAG control system which controls the fan speed that produces the air to the boom.

Other optional extras included electric over hydraulic in-cab switchbox and a Bravo 180S fully automatic rate controller.

Bargam Self Propelled Sprayers

02 APRIL 2019

Bargam’s range of self-propelled sprayers are designed for the high-value row crop market, in particular vegetable & seed crops.

As the exclusive distributors of the Bargam self-propelled sprayers in Australia and New Zealand, Croplands is pleased to be bringing two new self-propelled sprayer offerings to vegetable growers in 2019.

Over the past few years, Bargam has narrowed down their self-propelled range, enabling better quality machines to tackle vegetable and row crops. Arriving in Australia and New Zealand later this year will be the Grimpeur 4000 litre and the Grimac.


The Grimpeur offers a wide variety of optional features and is a well-known machine within the vegetable market.  Known in Italy as the Mountain Climber, the Grimpeur is a mechanical drive which boasts wheel track, boom and tank size options.


The Grimac, on the other hand, is specifically for larger row crops due to its 2-3 meter hydraulic adjustable axle and hydrostatic drive.

Airbag booms are an option in this Bargam range, offering better coverage in all crop types. The Bargam Airbag is renowned around the world for being one of the best on the market and with airbag booms being a rarity in the Australian and NZ markets, this offering puts our customers at the forefront.

Quantum Mist Smart Spray

26 MARCH 2019

For decades the Croplands Quantum Mist™ sprayer has been leading the way in vineyard crop protection.

Highly regarded by corporate, contractors and vineyard owners alike, the Quantum Mist™ has long achieved industry leading spray coverage.

So how does the best grape sprayer get even better?

“We listened to our customers” says Sean Mulvaney, Croplands General Manager.

“Last year we welcomed customer focus groups into Croplands Head Office in Adelaide and, together with the Croplands Product Portfolio and Marketing teams, we discussed our ideas and experiences”.

The hard work began and a new premium model Quantum Mist™ was designed with the aim to raise the bar in vineyard sprayers.

The heart and soul of any sprayer is the ability to penetrate the canopy and create maximum coverage to the crop. The new QM-420 produces even more turbulent, directional air and will replace the current QM-380 fan.

With the addition of a specially designed Dual spray ring (patent pending) flexible spray rates are now achieved without compromising on spray droplet quality.

Customers are time poor and don’t always change spray nozzles when they should. This new dual spray ring design allows the operator to apply a low, medium and higher rate without changing nozzles. Potential drift is reduced as droplet quality is maintained with a more consistent spray pressure.

Sean Mulvaney, Croplands Equipment General Manager

The fans are now set in a newly designed Fan Frame.

Available in two or three fans per frame the customer can select the best combination to suit trellis size and tractor specifications.

“This new design allows precise fan positioning, something our customers have always wanted for total peace of mind”.

Precision row width settings and fan positioning from the cordon wire are achieved with the new Fusion Controller.

Combining a full colour touch screen and integrated joystick control, sprayer and boom functions are easily navigated and executed.

Optional Upwind and Downwind air speed control via the Fusion controller is another industry leading feature.

To complete the brief Croplands have developed an optional, modulated Recapture System. Unlike traditional fixed systems currently on the market this has flexibility.

Inner only OR inner and outer Smart screens reduce potential drift and return captured spray back to the main product tank.

“A Recapture solution is something our corporate and bigger customers will be excited with. This new modulated design means the system can be removed later in the season when the benefits of recapture reduce. This means spray coverage is never compromised”.

“We are extremely excited to be releasing these new sprayer innovations to the market for the 2019 season. The best grape sprayer really has got even better” declares Sean.