Cropliner XV

air-blast sprayer

The perfect solution for larger scale tree crop orchards and operations.

Cropliner XV offers increased tank capacity and pump combinations on a heavy-duty chassis frame, paired with industry-leading 1060 Fieni DSV fan.

It takes air-blast sprayer efficiency to a whole new level.

Ideal for large tree crops, citrus, avocados and nuts.

Croplands Cropliner XV 5000
Cropliner XV 5000 Litre with single suspension axle


Highly efficient FIENI 1060 DSV fan designed to penetrate tall and dense tree crops. Delivers a maximum air output of 108,618m3 per hour for high-performance spray coverage.


High Pressure AR BHS-200, 4-diaphragm brass pump as standard. Optional IDS-260, 6 x diaphragm brass pump for higher application rates.

For pump specifications, see here.


Electric controls. Two-section (left and right) with pressure adjustment from the tractor seat.

Croplands Cropliner XV 5000
The ultimate in spray coverage


Brass roll-over nozzle bodies fitted with 1 set (30) stainless steel disc and brass cores and 1 set (30) ALBUZ ceramic hollow cone nozzles to allow a greater choice of application rates. Double brass roll-over nozzle bodies optional.


High impact, UV-stabilised polyethylene 5000L tank fitted with external flushing system and separate 10-litre fresh water tank.


The Cropliner XV heavy-duty chassis incorporates rear leaf guard and protection plate. Single suspension axle standard with tandem axle optional.

power required

Approx. 105 engine HP for operation in normal, flat conditions.


Browse the Croplands Tree Crop Spray guide for more details.


Cropliner XV

Air-blast sprayer