Croplands Quantum Mist Smart Spray
Quantum Mist Smart Spray

When it comes to disease control in vineyards, spray coverage and performance efficiency are key

The first Croplands sprayers made their way into Australian vineyards nearly thirty years ago.

The decision to purchase a new sprayer is an important one for any grower. Our specialised technical knowledge and expertise helps vineyard spray contractors and operators to develop solutions in a wide variety of conditions.

selecting the right vineyard sprayer

To get the best fit for your business, there are a number of elements to consider.

Crop Requirements

Are you growing wine grapes? Or table grapes?

Also consider your application rates and desired spraying speed.

Land Details

What is your vineyard area and topography?

Vineyards in Australia can be flat, hilly, undulating, terraced or contoured.

Vineyard Parameters

What are your row spacings? Also consider canopy height and width, overhead irrigation system (if applicable) and headland turning dimensions.

Quantum Mist Smart Spray

Tractor Requirements

Your tractor’s engine capacity, hydraulic flow, number of hydraulic remotes at rear of tractor as well as the hydraulic flow and pressure rating of those remotes.

Croplands vineyard sprayer selection guide

Quantum Mist Smart Spray 3-rowQuantum Mist Smart Spray 2-rowQuantum Mist 420 3-rowQuantum Mist 420 2-rowQuantum Mist 420 Single rowQuantum Mist LinkageQuantum Mist Trailed 1000-litreCropAir Trailed 1000-litreCropAir Linkage
Larger, contractor or corporateYesYesYesYes

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