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Croplands WEED-IT 7000

Light-years ahead.

When it comes to detecting, targeting and eradicating weeds, WEED-IT sets the benchmark. That’s why it’s the best-selling optical spot spraying system in the world. Outstanding results, even on hard-to-kill weeds.

Croplands RetraSpray Reel

Exceed expectations

When it comes to spraying, coverage is key. And nothing covers your spraying needs like the Croplands compact spray range. From linkage sprayers to traymount and handheld options, each product is engineered to exceed your expectations and take your productivity to new heights.


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News and Events

RoGator with WEED-IT impresses farming family

Central Queensland farmer Simon Donovan has used RoGator sprayers for 14 years. His latest has been kitted out with WEED-IT technology.

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Dual purpose RoGator gives contractor options

Liverpool Plains contractor takes delivery of new RoGator RG700B with WEED-IT Quadro sensors and dual-purpose spray line.

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WEED-IT better for environment says NSW farmer

WEED-IT helps Liverpool Plains broadacre farmer control ryegrass, sow thistle and fleabane.

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New Quantum Smart Spray brings speed and smarts to SA vineyards

Liebich family says the latest Quantum Mist makes vineyard spraying smarter, and faster.

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