Orchards and Tree Crops

Croplands Cropliner XL 4000

Australia’s horticulture industry comprises fruit, vegetables, nuts, flowers, turf and nursery products. It contributes significantly to the prosperity of people living in rural and regional Australia.*

Orchard growers and contractors know the importance of being efficient and containing input costs such as labour, fuel and chemicals.

Selecting the right sprayer can minimise inputs whilst maximising coverage and crop protection when applying fungicides and foliar fertilisers.

selecting the right horticulture sprayer

Croplands premium fan range delivers unparalleled coverage, performance and reliability.

Cropliner XL 4000

Air-blast Sprayers

Croplands air-blast fans are engineered by Fieni, a global leader in agricultural fan design, manufacturing and innovation.

These sprayers set the standard for fan sprayer performance, efficiency, penetration and coverage. And with fans available from 500mm in diameter to 1060mm, there’s a model to meet your orchard’s needs.

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Quantum Mist Ultra Tower

Quantum Mist Fan Sprayers

Croplands Tower sprayers are fitted with Quantum Mist hydraulic-driven fans. They deliver excellent spray coverage at high travel speeds so growers can enjoy exceptional efficiency while reducing costs.

Quantum Mist Fans are available in 420mm and 500mm diameter models, allowing for multiple head configurations to target crops more directly.

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Croplands tree crop sprayer selection guide

Bush and TrellisStone and Pip FruitCitrusAlmondsLarge Trees
Quantum Mist Ultra TowerYesYes
Quantum Mist TowerYesYes
Cropliner XV 1060YesYesYes
Cropliner XL 1060YesYesYes
Cropliner XL 920YesYesYesYes
Cropliner XL 820YesYes
Cropliner SL 2000YesYes
Cropliner SP RoverYesYes
CropAir 1000YesYes
CropAir 600Yes
CropAir 300Yes

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Quantum Tower Sprayers

Fitted with market-leading Quantum Mist fans, these tower sprayers set the standard in tree spraying.

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Cropliner Trailed Sprayers

Conventional air-blast sprayer design, available in a range of models.

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Cropliner Rover SP

Lowest profile and most manoeuvrable self-propelled sprayer on the market paired with highly efficient Fieni fan performance.

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CropAir Sprayers

High-quality and cost-effective compact air-blast sprayers ideally suited to growers with smaller or boutique operations.

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*Source: Horticulture fact sheet, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment