Broadacre Cropping

Broadacre cropping throws up some unique challenges for spray equipment.

There have been fundamental shifts in farming practices and farm sizes over the last decades, as well as a deeper understanding of environmental factors such as spray drift and herbicide resistance, all of which play an important role in selecting the right spray equipment for your farming operation.

Croplands has extensive technical understanding of these issues, as well as an excellent range of sprayers to meet your needs.

selecting the right broadacre sprayer

When purchasing spray equipment for broadacre cropping, consider the following factors to ensure you get the results you need.

RoGator RG1300C

Tank Size and Stability

Fertilisers generally have a high specific gravity than pesticides and water, so choose a well-constructed and balanced tank that can cope with heavier loads.

Croplands Pegasus 8000

Boom Width and Clearance

Whether you’re covering large areas or hilly terrain, consider the width and clearance of booms.

Croplands Pegasus 7000

Equipment Durability

Fertilisers and some pesticides can be extremely acidic or alkaline, so ensure machinery has durable powder coating to avoid damage to the framework.

RoGator RG700B

Equipment Weight

Are you on heavy soils or want to be out on the paddock quicker after the rain?

RoGator RG1300C


Big isn’t always better. A bigger pump may agitate more, but it really comes down to the pressure coming through your nozzles.

Croplands pumps are not only powerful, but they deliver between 185-250L/minute, through the nozzles at a constant and consistent pressure.

RoGator RG1300C

Fuel Efficiency

Croplands’ self-propelled RoGator delivers excellent fuel efficiency over other models in its class.

Its world-renowned engine delivers the grunt you need to get the job done, all the while keeping fuel usage at a minimum.

Croplands Pegasus 6000

Nozzle Types

Choosing the correct nozzles types for insecticide, herbicide and fertiliser applications will not only make them more effective, but reduce the potential for spray drift.

Our wide range of high quality nozzles is backed by technical knowledge and advice to ensure you’re getting the most out of your crop protection and fertiliser applications.

Croplands Technical Support

Back-up Service and Technical Support

With an extensive dealer network across the country in key cropping areas, we are proud to offer some of the best service and technical support in the industry and all equipment is backed with a 12 month warranty.

Croplands dealers are experts in spray application equipment and are available when and where you need them.

explore our broadacre solutions

WEED-IT Trailed Sprayers

Tailor made for optical spot spraying, Croplands WEED-IT Trailed Sprayers are available with contour-following or cable-suspended booms.

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WEED-IT can be retrofitted to any self-propelled or trailed sprayer using a retrofit kit.

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Pegasus sprayers provide reliable, user friendly solutions with carrying capacity to match growers’ needs.

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Pinto sprayers represent Croplands philosophy: robust design, generous dimensions and unmatched durability.

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Introducing the industry’s only mid mount boom sprayer allowing 50/50 weight distribution.

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RBR – Vortex 390

Proven large scale 9400 L dual tank SP Sprayer with 36m or 40m Millennium aluminum boom.

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NEW Spray Assist Technology

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