Croplands range of WEED-IT equipped trailing sprayers are designed to deliver the ultimate results in weed detection and eradication.

Taking optical spot spraying to the next level, WEED-IT identifies and targets weeds with unrivalled accuracy, reducing herbicide use drastically as well as water, time and soil moisture. Tackling those hard-to-kill weeds to minimise the weed seed bank while maximising your return on investment.

With accuracy and precision in mind, Croplands have developed a range of trailing sprayers purpose-built for WEED-IT and spot spray targeting.

contour following boom

Croplands’ unique WEED-IT boom is designed to maintain even height above the ground to optimise weed detection and targeting. This boom can operate at five different planes to mirror the contours of the land as accurately as possible. This means that, with only small variations in height, the boom height is maintained to ensure WEED-IT sensors will target even the smallest of grasses.

Cropland WEED-IT Contour Following Boom

The heavy-duty, hydraulic fold 24 and 36-metre contour following booms are designed to take on Australia’s challenging broadacre farming conditions. With custom engineered boom wheels equipped with air-ride suspensions, sensor effectiveness is maximised as compression and rebound is controlled.

Hydraulically steered innner-boom wheels control the folding and unfolding of the boom – also a pivot point for the boom to contour follow.


Cable-suspended sonic weed-it

Built in collaboration with Western Austalia-based manufactures, the Sonic WEED-It is an alternative design to help control hard-to-kill weeds and delay the onset of herbicide resistance.

The cable-suspended hydraulic lifting boom is suitable in conditions where a ground-following boom would be compromised, such as avoiding ground obstacles and where quick folding for constant road usage is required.

Explore the Croplands WEED-IT Trailed Sprayer range

WEED-IT 7000

The first full integrated twin-tank, twin-line sprayer.

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WEED-IT 4000 | 6000

Versatile and high-performing. Use for spot spraying only or with optional dual line.

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Cable-suspended hydraulic lifting boom made in collaboration with WA manufacturers, Sonic.

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WEED-IT Linkage

Lightweight and easy to transport, WEED-IT three-point linkage sprayers are available in 12 and 24-metre sizes.

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