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WEED-IT from Croplands. The number one optical spot sprayer in the world.

Designed with the challenges that growers face in mind, WEED-IT from Croplands provides more control while taking efficiency to the next level.

Using advanced sensors, WEED-IT detects chlorophyll in actively growing weeds in fallow fields, identifying and targeting them with unrivalled accuracy. This saves water and time, preserves precious soil moisture and minimises the weed seed bank. It also drastically reduces herbicide use, which maximises return on investment.

Get outstanding results, even on hard-to-kill weeds, with WEED-IT – the world’s number one optical spot sprayer.

And when you invest in a WEED-IT from Croplands, you are also investing in years of spot spraying expertise, coupled with unparalleled service standards and ongoing technical support.

How does WEED-IT work?

Croplands National Sales Manager, Jeremy Rennick, explains the how and why of WEED-IT optical spot spraying technology.

There are multiple benefits of using WEED-IT…chemical savings, getting on top of hard-to-kill weeds…economically.

Jeremy Rennick, Croplands

set yourself up for huge savings

Engineered for efficiency, the WEED-IT optical spot spraying system’s nozzle activation, spacing and weed detection capabilities ensure speed and accuracy unlike anything else.

Compared to blanket spraying, WEED-IT uses a fraction of the herbicide and water, yet is far more efficient at eliminating hard-to-kill weeds and minimising the weed seed bank. It also saves you time and preserves precious soil moisture.

superior mode of detection

WEED-IT Quadro’s near-infrared technology emits a blue light, making it more sensitive to the chlorophyll in weeds and less sensitive to any interfering factors.

This advanced mode of detection enables faster travel speeds and targets even the smallest of weeds. Plus, its 50Hz 6-volt solenoids ensure exceptionally fast and accurate nozzle activation.

Croplands WEED-IT Nozzles

four nozzles to a single sensor for uNrivalled accuracy

WEED-IT Quadro’s sensors are spaced one metre apart. Fewer sensors mean less structural stress on the boom and improved travel speeds.

A single sensor controls four nozzles at 25cm spacings, so WEED-IT’s spray zone is optimised and more accurate to provide superior coverage than other optical spot sprayers with wider nozzle spacings.

Croplands WEED-IT Nozzles

automatic calibration for effortless operation

Thanks to automatic calibration, the WEED-IT Quadro instantly adjusts to account for factors such as dust, daylight conditions and the presence of stubble, while an in-cab monitor keeps you up to date on its performance.

WEED-IT Quadro also performs just as well at night, giving you a wider window for application.

less strain on your electrical system

The clever 48-volt system draws far less current. This means that unlike other weed detection equipment, there’s little strain on your tractor’s electrical system.

Croplands WEED-IT

a massive step in managing herbicide resistance

WEED-IT uses a fraction of the herbicide normally used when blanket sprayimg. By employing a wider range of chemicals that are normally considered too expensive for blanket application, you gain a huge advantage in managing herbicide resistance. Because of this, weed seed banks are minimised, reducing the spread of herbicide-resistant weeds.

learn more about WEED-IT TECHNOlogy

Hear from Croplands Portfolio Manager, Steve Norton, on how WEED-IT works and why it is the future that puts hard-to-kill weeds in the past.

Explore the Croplands WEED-IT Range

WEED-IT Trailed Sprayers

Tailor made for optical spot spraying, Croplands WEED-IT Trailed Sprayers are available with contour-following or cable-suspended booms.

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WEED-IT can be retrofitted to any self-propelled or trailed sprayer using a retrofit kit.

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WEED-IT Linkage

Lightweight and easy to transport, WEED-IT three-point linkage sprayers are available in 12 and 24-metre sizes.

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