Easy-to-use RoGator gives NSW family more precision and speed

31 August 2021

Rodney and Joel Jelbart farm in the Alectown, NSW district.

When father and son Rodney and Joel Jelbart were looking to improve the efficiency of their spraying, they decided to take a chance on a self-propelled RoGator 1300C.

Moving to the RoGator in February was a big decision as it was different to anything the New South Wales farmers had used previously.

“This is the first RoGator we have had. We have had trailing booms before this,” Joel says.

“I was keen on the increased efficiency of the self-propelled sprayer and the ability to apply higher water rates over shortening spray windows. The higher clearance also gives us the flexibility to apply later in the season.

“We are very happy with it so far.”

Joel and his wife Laura are based at ‘Tarcoma’ in the Alectown, NSW district. They farm about 2000 hectares in partnership with Joel’s parents Rodney and Penny.

The broadacre cropping operation grows wheat, barley, canola and pulse crops – mainly lupins and peas.

They sow winter crops in April and May, ready for harvesting in November and December and do all their own spraying.

The Jelbarts purchased the RoGator 1300C in February this year, and Joel has been the main operator so far.

In the last six months he has done one round of fallow spraying, some pre-sowing applications and some in-crop work.

Jelbart 2

Joel says he likes the SmartDrive traction control feature, which is standard on all C series RoGators.

SmartDrive controls each wheel to ensure any wheel slip is automatically countered as power goes to the gripping wheels. This gives the slipping wheel a chance to regain traction. It also matches engine RPM to the power required ensuring minimal fuel usage.

SmartDrive, standard on all C Series machines, continuously and independently controls each wheel.

He also likes the operating controls in the cab and is impressed with the boom.

“We have got other AGCO gear, and the RoGator is very similar technology. We are very familiar with it. I have also been impressed with the boom’s strength and stability.”

The ClearFlow chemical recovery system allows the operator to flush unused product out of the boom and back into the tank at the end of the day. Joel says it is another big plus.

ClearFlowTM pushes unused product from the plumbing back into the tank, prior to a tank or boom rinse.

It means the boom can be properly rinsed and cleaned out after use, while minimising waste and contamination.

Joel is also impressed with the Croplands fill station which makes it easy to fill up with chemical and water. “It is all very quick, whether you are filling with liquid or granular.”

RoGator’s LiquidLogic recirculation system ensures a more accurate application, with less overlap. Nozzle body valves provide precise section control giving the operator more control of where the spray goes.

“We have noticed an improved coverage with the nozzles spaced at 250 mm compared to our older 500 mm spacings.”

The increased precision of the 1300C means the RoGator can get the job done efficiently and Joel can keep on top of his busy spraying schedule.

He has no hesitation in recommending the RoGator 1300C to other farmers and contractors.

I have been very impressed so far. It has got all the features that you would expect in a sprayer these days, but it is really easy to use and to get going in the paddock.

Joel Jelbart, NSW

Joel is the fifth generation of the family to farm Tarcoma. He returned home in 2014, after working away for several years.

Now the sixth generation of Jelbarts is on the farm, as Joel and Laura have two children aged 3 and 5 years.