Cropliner Slimline

air-blast sprayer

Designed to suit narrow or high density tree crop planting.

The Cropliner Slimline is where it all began when Croplands founder, Miles Deck, designed the first Croplands air-blast orchard sprayer to meet the needs of the changing horticultural industry in New Zealand back in 1972.

The Cropliner is the iconic model of Croplands orchard sprayer line-up and its continued popularity five decades on is testament to just how innovative the original idea was. Learn more about Croplands history here.

Only 1400mm wide, Cropliner Slimline is shaped for minimum crop interference.

Croplands Cropliner Slimline
Croplands Cropliner Slimline


Highly efficient FIENI 920 DSV air-blast fan designed to generate more air with lower horsepower.


Quality AR BHS-170 (brass) pump fitted as standard. Optional AR BHS-200 brass pump for higher volume applications.

For pump specifications, seeĀ here.


Manual remote-mounted ARBMH50 controller as standard.

Croplands Cropliner Slimline


Brass roll-over nozzle bodies fitted with 1 set (28) stainless steel disc and brass cores and 1 set (28) ALBUZ ceramic hollow cone nozzles to allow a greater choice of application rates.


High impact, UV-stabilised polyethylene tank fitted with separate 80-litre flushing tank and 15-litre fresh water tank. Slimline model only 1400mm wide.

Croplands Cropliner Slimline


Hot-dipped galvanised, full length chassis with adjustable draw bar and single step. Rear bumper and leaf guard. Single fixed axle as standard.

power required

Approximate engine HP requirement = 70HP.


Browse the Croplands Tree Crop Spray guide for more details.


Cropliner Slimline

Air-blast sprayer