Quantum 420 Single Row

grape sprayer

Perfect for smaller scale and estate vineyards.

The Croplands Quantum™ 420 Single Row vineyard sprayers take coverage to the next level, featuring the next generation QM-420 hydraulic fans and delivering turbulent, high volume air for optimum canopy penetration and coverage.

Available in cool climate (4-fan) and warm climate (6-fan) model configurations.

Croplands Quantum Mist Single Row
Croplands Quantum Mist 420 Fan


Individual QM-420 fans, hydraulically driven from the tractor hydraulics. The QM-420 fan delivers turbulent, high volume air for optimum canopy penetration and coverage.

Dual spray ring allows for three-tier spray rate solution (low, medium and high), manually adjustable from the ground.


Heavy-duty rear tower with adjustability for varying row widths. Fans mounted in a new fan frame system, offering added protection and allowing for precise, simple, fan position settings.


Tractor driven hydraulic oil supply is standard.


AR-160 LFP positive displacement pump as standard. Optional AR-185 LFP pump for higher volume applications.

For pump specifications, see here.


Electronic controls. Two-section (left and right) with pressure adjustment from the tractor seat.

Croplands QM-420 Fan


10 x nozzles per QM-420 mm fan, available in 80, 60 and 40-degree options.

Want to know more about nozzles? See here.


High impact, UV-stabilised polyethylene tanks fitted with flushing and fresh water tanks. Available in 1500L, 2000L and 3000L models.


Hot-dipped full length chassis with single step. Self-steer draw bar and single fixed axle is standard on all models. Optional flotation tyres can be fitted for low compaction solution.


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Quantum 420 Single Row

Vineyard sprayer