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Magnetic Assist Technology that improves your spray.

Croplands has partnered with MagrowTec to bring magnetic spray assist technology to the Australian and New Zealand markets. MagrowTec is manufactured in state of the art facilities in Ireland. The technology is designed to retrofit on any boomspray regardless of make or model.

MagrowTec technology uses permanent rare earth magnets to expose crop protection fluid to static non-uniform magnetic fields under appropriate flow conditions. This has the impact of affecting the physical properties of the fluid that determine MagrowTec’s characteristic spray droplet formation, droplet dynamics, and droplet adhesion. Critically, MagrowTec technology allows growers to use much smaller droplets without the drift and waste normally associated when using these smaller nozzles.

We cut the drift 50-60%, increased coverage and increased the productivity of my spraying practices.

Andrew Kennedy, Grower, Mount Gambier, South Australia


  • Reduced water rates
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced Inputs (Chemical Savings), reduced frequency of spray due to better coverage


  • Increased spray windows
  • Increased spray hours
  • Increased disease control
  • Increased yield


  • Supports environmental legislation
  • Supports integrated pest management plans
  • Better operator health & safety


  • Reduced environmental contamination
  • Improved water management

Simply Add MagrowTec To Any Sprayer

Existing Croplands customers are reporting better coverage and as a result are maintaining current application rates instead of increasing them.

Jeremy Rennick, National Sales Manager, Croplands

Works Across All Crops

Works on All Sprayers

No moving Parts or Maintenance

See Magrowtec in action



vortex 390

Self-propelled sprayers

Boasting Simplicity, Functionality, Robustness

Proudly partnering with RBR Enterprise to bring you a proven large scale Self-Propelled Sprayer to the market, keeping the ever-changing agricultural industry at the forefront of our designs.

• 9400 Litre Spot Spray Ready *
• 7500/1500 Litre dual tank
• Simplicity mechanical drive
• Millennium aluminum spray boom available in 36m & 40m
• IVT Transmission option
• 80km/h road speed

Proudly distributed and supported by Croplands – the team with the experience to provide unparalleled service and ongoing technical support.

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strong from the start

Our frames are made from high-grade steel and are fully boxed with secondary reinforcement plates for added strength. We finish them with a polyurea armor coating to ensure superior protection and maximize the life of your equipment.


We’ve installed the best powertrain package combination for maximum gains from your investment. The Cummins 9-liter engine and RDS Allison transmission bring the power, torque, and worry-free operation you need to tackle any field.


The mechanical drive train is a straightforward, no-frills design that offers reliability, lower cost of ownership and unsurpassed performance. The 2-speed transfer case delivers maximum power to both axles, allowing you to attack the adverse field conditions.


Gas shocks and air suspensions provide an all-day comfortable ride for application speeds and protection from the toughest terrain.

See the vortex 390 in action


Check out the RBR Enterprise Product Line guide for more information and machine specifications.



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Self-propelled sprayers

Introducing the industry’s only mid mount boom sprayer allowing 50/50 weight distribution.

Elevate your operation with the Stara Imperador 4000 series.

Designed and manufactured in Brazil and featuring the world’s only centrally mounted boom, the Imperador 4000 delivers the ultimate in row crop spraying accuracy and efficiency.

Now available in Australia.

Stara Imperador

The best of spraying technology.
Now available in Australia.

Designed by Brazils largest agricultural machinery manufacturer and featuring the world’s only centrally mounted boom, the Imperador 4000 delivers the ultimate in row crop spraying accuracy and efficiency.

• 4000-litre main tank
• 36-metre mid-mount boom
• 50/50 weight distribution
• 3-metre wheel track
• 1.6m genuine underframe clearance. 2m option
• Four wheel steer standard
• Continuous recirculation and tiered booms standard

Proudly distributed and supported by Croplands – the team with the experience to provide unparalleled service and ongoing technical support.

Stara Imperador - distinctive look
Stara Imperador with BLUE BEAM for greater efficiency in nighttime applications

innovation, evolution, and insightful solutions

With Stara’s distinctive look and styling, the Stara Imperador 4000 Series self-propelled sprayers stand out due to their high application precision ensured by central booms.

In addition to technologies such as the Continuous Recirculating System, Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System, Twin Row Spraying System, and Smart 4-Wheel-Steering System guarantee higher accuracy and significant savings.

Imperador 4000 are equipped with an Up & Down – Hydraulic Lift System, a feature that allows for the highest application height – 3 meters, and the highest ground clearance on the market – 2 meters.

General Features



The Imperador line is the only one in the world with central booms. It ensures more stability during applications and guarantees 58% more of the chemical solution on target*. The total boom length is 30m or 36m.


Cummins electronic engine 6.7-295 cv with a turbocharger. In addition to providing considerable savings and longer life, the engine emits low pollutants, causes fewer vibrations, and generates lower noise.

Blue Beam System*

This lighting allows wide visibility during nighttime applications.

* Optimal feature.

Continuous Recirculating System*

This exclusive system keeps the chemical solution constantly moving inside the tank and piping system. What it provides:
Homogeneity and the exact chemical concentration during applications;
Cleaner spraying system, without residues from previous applications;
Longer components durability.

*Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System feature

Optimised Hydraulic System

It identifies the amount of oil required to carry out different operations, especially the spray pump flow. It provides gains of an average of 8 cv. The fuel economy is up to 2.5%.

Mechanical Solution Mixer

In addition to the hydraulic solution agitator, the machine is also equipped with a propeller, which guarantees better solution homogeneity for high-quality applications.

Automatic Section Control

Shuts off the spray nozzle automatically when the Topper 5500 controller identifies an area where the chemical has already been applied, preventing overlap and ensuring savings on chemicals.

*Optional feature.

Nozzle by Nozzle Control System

Stara Smart Transmission System

With a Rexroth hydro-electronic transmission 4×4, information is displayed on Topper 5500, and diagnostics of components is in real-time.

Ground Clearance

The Imperador 4000 has an impressive 1.6m of standard clearance and an option of 2.0m

Rigid Chassis

Greater stability and less vibration result in optimum efficiency and greater comfort.

Chemical Solution Tank

A capacity of 4000L for Imperador 4000. Its exclusive design works as wave breakers.

Clean Water Tank

400L capacity

Weight Distribution

Boom stability is achieved thanks to the machine weight distribution – 50% on the back and 50% on the front.


Topper 5500 VT

Topper 5500 VT

The complete controller for Precision Agriculture, designed and manufactured by Stara. Its touch screen provides efficiency and more interactivity between the machine and the operator.

TD3 Auto Steering

A robust and electro-hydraulic system that ensures shorter response time for operations by using the auto steering. As a result, it reduces failures and overlaps. Additionally, it reduces crop damage and allows for the following machine traffic control for operations.


It is a remote access service that connects you, in real-time, to the After-Sales technician in the Stara factory. The connection is established through Topper 5500, which ensures fast and assertive support.

Whenever you need it, just connect it! An agile and at no cost after-sales available straight to your cabin.

Signal Correction*

It adds the best experience in signal correction, ensuring higher precision in crop field operations. It is recommended for auto steering operations that require path following. It delivers the precision of 2.5 cm**, considerably reducing crop damage losses and overlap. As a consequence, it provides a higher operational yield.

* Optimal feature

** There is no need for a base station to repeat the signal. Precision may vary according to the receptor capacity and weather conditions.

Weather Condition Sensor

The Weather Condition Sensors provide temperature and humidity functions, which boost the application efficiency of the Imperador machine.

Additionally, it has as optional features, wind speed and wind direction functions.

Telemetria Stara

The farm in the palm of your hand.

Through this system, you can manage your operations in the crop field in real-time. Any device that has Internet access will provide you with.

Stara Spraying App

The Stara Spraying App allows you to check the savings Imperador can provide your farm with.


Data transmission system via radio. It allows synchronized communication between the machines and provides better planning and faster crop field operations avoiding overlaps and saving fertilizers.

*Optional feature.

Technical Specifications


Weight12120 kg and 12770 kg when equipped with Up & Down – Hydraulic Lift System
Length8.7 m
Booms30 or 36 m
Width (folded booms)3.2 m
Height4 m and 4.4 m when equipped with Up & Down – Hydraulic Lift System
Distance between axles4 m
Wheel tread width extendingFrom 2.9 to 3.5 m
Ground clearance1.6 and 2 m when equipped with Up & Down – Hydraulic Lift System
Chemical Solution Tank4000L
Clean water tank400L
Product incorporator and rinse tank35L
Trijet nozzle holder25 cm spacing
Fuel tank340L
Spray pumpStainless steel – 803L/min
Tires380/90 R46
EngineCummins electronic engine 6.7 – 295 cv with turbo charger
ControllerTopper 5500 VT
Maximum application height2.6 to 3 m with Up & Down – Hydraulic Lift System
Agitation systemBy solution transfer, hydraulic agitator and mechanical mixer with propeller
Optional featuresUp & Down – Hydraulic Lift System Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System Twin Row Spraying System Smart 4-Wheel-Steering System Blue Beam Rear-view camera Self-supply pump Signal correction

see the stara imperador in action


Check out the Stara Imperador buyers guide for more information and machine specifications.




Stara Imperador

Self-propelled sprayer