Quantum sprayer showcase at WineTech 2022

22 June 2022

For the last 50 years, Croplands has been proudly helping grape growers protect their valuable crops with a focus on designing and building innovative, environmentally sustainable sprayers.

It is this innovation that will be on display at the Croplands site at the 2022 Winetech event.

Held in conjunction with the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference, Winetech is the wine industry’s pre-eminent trade show showcasing world-leading suppliers and products from both within Australia and abroad.

At this year’s event, visitors to the Croplands site (1237) will have the opportunity to learn about our market-leading Quantum spray technology, how to calibrate your sprayer to achieve best-practice application and also get a sneak peak of the next generation Quantum sprayer which is planned for release in 2023.

Croplands Sprayer Testing

Field testing, validation and the importance of sprayer calibration.

According to crop protection suppliers and agronomy advisers, the biggest risk to failure of crop protection products and potential crop loss, is the success of the spray application. In acknowledgement of this important issue, Croplands has recently carried out an extensive vineyard sprayer model testing program. The program was conducted in both warm and cool climate regions, with independent industry involvement to ensure data integrity.

“Sprayer coverage was tested across the Quantum QM-420 and QM-500 fans to establish operating efficiencies along with specific sprayer set-ups for optimal coverage,” says Andrew Germein, Croplands Horticulture Product Lead.

“The benefit to Croplands’ customers will be immense with the extensive data collected to underpin a new catalogue of Product Operating Guides, digital material and calibration tools,”

“This will help ensure sprayers are set up to achieve optimum spray coverage and operating efficiency right from the point of delivery and throughout different growth stages.”

Best practice spraying requires best practice sprayer set up and calibration.

Croplands Horticulture Product Lead, Andrew Germein, recommends growers follow these six simple steps:

  1. Plan and assess Application, canopy stage and growth density
  2. Calibrate Spray speed, rate distribution, nozzle options and mapping
  3. Adjust Fan positioning
  4. Test Spray and record baseline result using water sensitive papers
  5. Optimise Initiate any required changes
  6. Spray with confidence
Quantum Vine Pro
Quantum Vine Pro is set for release in 2023

New concept sprayer platform coming in 2023

Croplands commitment to the development of new and sustainable technology is on-going. Work is well underway on a new concept sprayer platform that will maintain our position as the market leaders for premium vineyard sprayers.

“Obviously any new model comes with a degree of confidentiality, but we are genuinely excited with what our design team has delivered,” says Mr Germein.

“We have looked at all aspects of the viticulture industry, working parameters, customer needs and desires,”

“After what will be an extensive field testing and validation program, we expect to release the new model in early 2023 for spring 2023 delivery.”

Visit Croplands at Winetech, stand 1237 to learn more and for a sneak-peak into the future of Viticulture spraying.

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Croplands partner with WeedSmart on industry stewardship

24 May 2022

Croplands has joined forces with WeedSmart in a new partnership that will see the two organisations work together to promote best practice weed management.

WeedSmart is an initiative led by the Australian agriculture industry to enhance on-farm practices and promote the long term sustainability of herbicide use.

As a WeedSmart partner, Croplands will support and participate in several WeedSmart initiatives over the next twelve months including the upcoming WeedSmart Week events in Mildura and Moree.

Croplands has a long history of involvement in stewardship initiatives, says GM Sean Mulvaney

“Herbicide resistance is an ever-present issue on Australian farms,” said Croplands General Manager, Sean Mulvaney.

“Effective weed detection and elimination is incredibly important.”

“Croplands has a long history of working alongside growers in the battle against weeds and sharing best practice spray application principles through our SprayWise stewardship program.”

This new partnership with WeedSmart is the next step in our commitment to promoting the long-term sustainability of weed management practices.

Sean Mulvaney, Croplands Equipment General Manager

WeedSmart was formed in 2014 to address a lack of engagement from growers and agronomists about the growing herbicide resistance problem which costs the grains industry hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Since its inception, WeedSmart has united Australia’s major weed research groups and other industry participants with the aim of keeping herbicides working for the long-term.

“We’re excited to welcome Croplands as a WeedSmart Partner,” said WeedSmart Project Manager, Jessica Strauss.

“Working closely with industry and research groups ensures we are getting the latest information on weed control solutions to Australian growers,”

Croplands will provide invaluable insights into the machinery and technology space and allow us to reach more growers across the country.

Jessica Strauss, WeedSmart Project Manager

The national stewardship campaign delivered by WeedSmart and its partners provides practical ways for growers to fight herbicide resistance on their farms through the development and consistent communication of the WeedSmart “Big 6”.

“We look forward to working with WeedSmart on this important stewardship program,” said Mr Mulvaney.

WeedSmart Week Mildura

WeedSmart’s flagship event WeedSmart Week offers a unique opportunity for growers and industry stakeholders to hear first-hand about innovative and practical weed solutions.

Croplands Compact Sprayers Hit the Spot

10 May 2022

Croplands has been building and selling sprayers for 50 years.

With a focus on sourcing and supplying the best spraying solutions, we have grown to become one of the most popular sprayer brands on the market.

Within Croplands’ selection is the Compact range, which includes the AgriPak linkage sprayers and the tow-behind TrailPak.

Croplands Compact product lead Jeremy Deck says the range has been designed with customer needs at the forefront.

“Our range of Compact sprayers, accessories and components are designed to provide our customers with the confidence to take on weed after weed,” he says.

“We pride ourselves on delivering spraying solutions that help our customers save time, reduce costs and maximise productivity.

“Our sprayers are efficient, reliable and built to last.”

Croplands Agripak 1000
Croplands AgriPak 3-point linkage sprayer

AgriPak Linkage Sprayers

Ideal for smaller properties, Croplands AgriPak linkage sprayers use the three-point linkage of a tractor with the weight of the spray tank kept close to the rear wheels to optimise load-carrying potential.

Croplands’ hard-wearing and long-lasting UV-stabilised tanks range in capacity from 300L to 1600L, offering spraying solutions for properties of all sizes.

Featuring market-leading Italian-manufactured Annovi Reverberi pump and fitted with Agrotop AirMix air-induction nozzles for optimal drift control and surface coverage, Croplands’ AgriPak linkage sprayers are engineered to deliver safe and efficient spray application.

The AgriPak sprayers can be customised with different hose reels, boom widths and optional extras such as GPS systems and hydraulic boom lifts.

One of the models within the range is the mid-size AgriPak 600, which became South Australian farmer Bill Wenske’s new sprayer last year.

Croplands customer_Bill Wenske
Bill Wenske with his AgriPak 600 sprayer

“This sprayer is simplicity at its finest and is locally-made with great support from our local Croplands dealer,” he says.


For those looking for a spraying solution that can be towed behind an ATV, UTV or small tractor, Croplands recommends its best-selling TrailPak 300L trailed sprayer range.

According to Deck, this model is a versatile option for a range of smaller properties and requirements.

“The TrailPak 300 is a great sprayer for block-holders and smaller farms,” he says.

“Whether you are using it for spot spraying, watering or even in a small horticultural setting, the TrailPak can be used with or without a boom to deliver the results you need.”

TrailPak 300 models include the best-selling 12-volt range which enables a wide range of use, from spot spraying to boom spraying application.

One Croplands customer who benefitted from the TrailPak 300’s versatility is South Australian farmer Brodie Bridgman, who ordered his with a six-metre boom and hose reel.

Brodi Bridgman
Brodie Bridgman with his TrailPak 300 with 6m boom

“The TrailPak is an easy all-round machine,” he says.

“It is very versatile in smaller paddocks and perfect for the hard-to-reach spots.”

Other features of the TrailPak 300 include a translucent UV-stabilised tank with large sump and graduated markings and a large, easy-access lid with filling strainer.

It also offers an easy-access suction filter and regulator for pressure and flow adjustment, rugged one-piece chassis, flotation tyres on sturdy axle and a safety hitch for safe towing.

Learn more about Croplands Compact range here.

This article originally appeared in Farms and Farm Machinery as Croplands compact sprayers pak a punch.

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croplands horticulture range 2022

01 APril 2022

It’s been 50 years since the first Croplands sprayer made its way onto an apple orchard in New Zealand. The Croplands 50th Year Horticulture range continues to build on the promise that was set all those years ago: spraying solutions that are efficient, reliable and engineered to endure.

From the iconic Cropliner air-blast sprayer right up to the Quantum Ultra Tower and Quantum Smart Spray vineyard sprayers, the team at Croplands is always seeking to save customers time, reduce costs and maximise productivity.

Quantum Ultra Tower in citrus orchard
Quantum Ultra Tower reaches even the tallest trees.

To be the best, you need to test.

In addition to the continuous improvement of our sprayers, we also undertake extensive field testing and validation to ensure our products perform to the highest standards.

Croplands Horticulture Product Lead, Andrew Germein, believes strongly in the need to test and validate.

“When is comes to disease control in vineyards and orchards, spray coverage are performance efficiency are key,” he says.

“To assess the performance of Croplands sprayers, we have recently embarked on an extensive sprayer testing program,”

“Conducted with independent industry involvement to ensure integrity, sprayer coverage was tested and validated for a number of Croplands models and fan types,” says Mr Germein.

Croplands Horticulture Testing and Validation
Croplands have recently embarked on a sprayer testing and validation program.

The benefit to Croplands’ customers will be immense as the extensive data collected will underpin a new catalogue of Product Operating Guides, digital materials, and tools.

View 2022 Croplands HORTICULTURE Spray RangeS

Vineyard Guide

Tree Crop Guide


Quantum Vineyard Sprayers

The ultimate performer in grapes. Available in single, two or three row spraying configurations.

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Quantum Tower Sprayers

Fitted with market-leading Quantum Mist fans, these tower sprayers set the standard in tree spraying.

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Cropliner Trailed Sprayers

Conventional air-blast sprayer design, available in a range of models.

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Croplands welcomes Federal Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia

17 March 2022

David Littleproud MP visits Croplands Dry Creek
From left, Larry Anthony, former federal politician, the Hon David Littleproud MP, Sean Mulvaney, Croplands General Manager and Jonathon Pietzsch, National Party Candidate for MacKillop.

The Croplands team were pleased to host the Hon David Littleproud MP, Australian Federal Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia, last week as he visited our manufacturing and warehouse facility in Dry Creek, South Australia.

Sean Mulvaney, Croplands GM, led the tour group which also included Jonathon Pietzsch, Australian National Party Candidate for MacKillop.

“It was great to be able to showcase our factory and extensive product warehouse where we stock over 30,000 product lines.  The Minister took great interest in our Croplands WEED-IT sprayers being produced,” said Sean.

Both the Minister and Mr Pietzsch were impressed with the Croplands facility.

“Australian farmers are some of the best in the world, there’s no doubt about that, but we got here because of the movers and shakers who showed the way,” Minister Littleproud said in a recent media release. On his visit to South Australia, he continued with this sentiment about the role that Croplands has played.

While in South Australia I had the privilege to visit Croplands, meet with Sean Mulvaney and their workers.

At a time when there are questions over our ability to manufacture locally, Croplands has been carrying the baton of sovereign manufacturing and producing the best agricultural equipment in the world.

The Hon David Littleproud MP, Federal Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia
David Littleproud MP visits Croplands Dry Creek
Croplands General Manager, Sean Mulvaney, describes the benefits of the market-leading WEED-IT technology.

Mr Pietzsch also talked about the importance of backing South Australian manufacturing.

“Supporting South Australian manufacturing and production is important, even more so in the context of the supply chain issues we’ve seen in recent times. Innovation and adaptation at Croplands has led to success,” said Mr Pietzsch.

Learn more about Croplands here.

Roylances appointed self-propelled dealer in NSW

9 February 2022

Dave Farmer Croplands and Justin Roylance
Croplands Territory Manager, Dave Farmer welcomes Roylances Dealer Prinicipal, Justin Roylance.

Croplands is very pleased to announce the appointment of Roylances Tractor Replacements as newly authorised self-propelled sprayer dealers in Forbes, New South Wales.

Roylances is a 3rd generation family-owned operation with more than 65 years’ experience in the mining and earthmoving industries. offering quality machinery, parts, service, and after-sales support.

“Our success can be attributed to the professional approach of our team, the quality brand products we sell and our ability to adapt and look outside the square when locating hard to find parts,” explains Justin Roylance, Dealer Principal.

Roylances’ appointment to the Croplands dealer network represents an exciting step for the machinery dealer as they continue their expansion into the agricultural industry which commenced in 2020 with the addition of well-known brands Kubota, JCB and Krone.

As a newly appointed Croplands self-propelled dealer, Roylances will be offering the market leading RoGator C Series self-propelled sprayers.

RoGator RG1300C
RoGator sprayers are now available through Roylances in Forbes

We are very pleased to be expanding our offering with RoGator sprayers. There are a large number of broadacre farms in the Forbes region and these sprayers have the durability needed to stand up to the challenging New South Wales spraying season.

Justin Roylance, Dealer Principal

milestone celebration

Roylances is joining Croplands at an exciting time as the sprayer manufacturer celebrates 50 years of operations in 2022.

Since Croplands inception in 1972, it has grown to become one of the most popular sprayer brands on the market, servicing the broadacre, horticulture, viticulture, tree crop, compact and home garden sectors.

“Croplands has a long history of delivering practical solutions for Australian farmers,” says Dave Farmer, Croplands Territory Manager Northern NSW/TAS.

RoGator C Series self-propelled sprayer is a great example of this. It’s a machine designed to meet the demands of today’s farmers and spray contractors.”

Mr Farmer goes on to say, “We are very pleased to welcome Roylances to the Croplands dealer network. With a long history in the region and a strong focus on customer service, we are excited with the potential of this new partnership and look forward to working closely with the Roylances’ team.”

Find out more about RoGator online or drop into the Roylances showroom at Unit 10, 42-46 Sam Street, Forbes.


RoGator with WEED-IT impresses farming family

18 January 2022

Croplands Customer - Simon Donovan
Brother and sister, Simon and Sarah, from Donovan Farming Company take deliver of their new RoGator RG1300C with WEED-IT technology fitted.

Central Queensland farmer Simon Donovan has used RoGator self-propelled sprayers for 14 years.

He says every model has been better than the previous one, and his latest has been kitted out with great new technology – WEED-IT optical spot spraying system, Raven XRT boom-levelling and Ag Leader GPS.

Simon manages Duaringa Station. It is one of three properties in Central Queensland owned by his parents Bruce and Beryl Donovan under the umbrella of Donovan Farming Company Pty Ltd.

They produce durum wheat, chickpeas, cotton, sorghum and corn on 4800 ha. The RoGator covers that ground at least four times a year.

The family purchased their first RoGator in 2004. A local contractor had one and it seemed robust, so that was their choice when their old sprayer needed replacing. They are now onto their fourth one.

For the durability and the toughness of the machine, we have found RoGators to be second to none.

Simon Donovan, Donovan Farming Company

Every model has seemed great, but then the next one arrives and it has improved. It is a nice feeling knowing that the manufacturer is listening to farmers and making the changes.

For example, Simon wanted to spend more time in the paddock. He now has a 6000-litre tank with the chassis upgraded to accommodate this.

“There have been upgrades in the wheel motors, so it handles the conditions even better.”

The filtration system has also improved. Previous models relied on filters at the nozzles and Simon had to organise his own filtration system.

“It never worked that well. This machine has its own awesome filtration system. They have nailed it. It is built to handle the volume of water we want to use.

“Another improvement is to the boom. Other brands don’t seem to handle our conditions. We can’t fault this one.”

RoGator RG1300C boom
RoGator. Better booms. Better yields.

The boom is 36m, fully recirculating, and is equipped to do both broadcast spraying and spot spraying with WEED-IT.

weed-it precision spraying

The WEED-IT system has blue LED sensors at 1m intervals along the boom. Each sensor controls four nozzles which are fired when a weed is detected. The superior mode of detection used by the WEED-IT system ensures very small weeds can be targeted before they set seed.

With spot spraying we are saving at least 80 percent in chemicals even though we apply at a higher rate.

Simon Donovan

“We are really smashing it, hitting the plant with four times the rate.”

He can also use more targeted sprays, which are usually more expensive.

Croplands WEED-IT Nozzles
With WEED-IT fitted to his RoGator RG1300C, Simon can target those hard-to-kill weeds.

A particular problem in central Queensland is Feathertop Rhodes grass, which is becoming resistant. The WEED-IT system allows him to control it.

“If I didn’t have this I would have to put steel in the ground and break up the soil structure. I am hitting the target weeds harder and saving ourselves a lot of work and money.”

Spot spraying is slower at about 14 kph compared to the 24 kph Simon drives when using the RoGator as a blanket sprayer.

raven XRT delivers boom stability

At those speeds Raven XRT boom-levelling is quite handy.

“When I turn corners or drive through a washout the boom height stays consistent. It does not hit the ground so it protects the boom. It should really be compulsory.

“Each WEED-IT sensor is worth $5000 so you don’t want to start smashing them up. Without Raven I have to rely on my ability to keep it level.”

Raven XRT’s radar-based sensors detect the ground and keep the boom stable in three dimensions. This also helps reduce spray drift because the boom is at a consistent height above the crop.

unprecedented product recovery

The RoGator has a recirculating boom and ClearFlow product recovery. It uses air to push unused product back from the lines into the tank, or it can blow it out of the nozzles.

Combined with the rinse tank, they clean the RoGator out and ready for its next task. So, it is not hard to change from herbicides to fungicides or foliar fertiliser.

RoGator ClearFlow product recovery
ClearFlow full-recovery system minimises waste and contamination.

A large induction hopper allows for easy mixing of any product, be it liquid or granules, while in the tank the product is constantly moving and mixing.

With OptiMotion, the amount of agitation automatically changes as the level in the tank drops.

operator comfort

Simon says the new RoGator 1300C is really user-friendly. The cab is comfortable and quiet, which is just as well since he feels like he lives in it.

It becomes his office and is set up with air-conditioning, a sound system, Bluetooth and connections for his iPad.

The RoGator even comes with its own weather station.

“It gives you the humidity and wind’s speed and direction. Info is king. We can make decisions on the go, so the chemical is on the target and we do not affect neighbours,” Simon says.

He particularly likes the reversing camera. It reduces the stress of backing a large machine when kids and animals could be around.

RoGator RG1300C cab
The RoGator cab combines functionality and comfort.

The width of the wheel track is adjustable from the cab to fit with different tramlines.

Ag leader for more control

GPS, auto-steer and sectional control are through Ag Leader.

Runs on Duaringa Station are up to 8 km long and auto-steer takes the fatigue out of the day.

“You can change everything on the go. You don’t have to get out of the cab to make an adjustment.”

a drive system that practically runs itself

The RoGator has an 8.4-litre, 340hp, engine connected to a new SmartDrive transmission which automatically adjusts engine RPM to the power required – this means Simon sets the speed and the RoGator does the rest.

“Fuel efficiency is awesome. It does not work harder than it has to.”

RoGator RG1300C Smart Drive
SmartDrive. All-wheel traction control. All the time.

service and support

Croplands Toowoomba supplied the sprayer, and Simon says product delivery was done really well.

“Croplands spent all day with me. This is a massive investment and you get what you need. Training and the answers to any questions are only a phone call away. I can’t fault them.”

No matter how great the technology, a business has to justify the investment and the RoGator adds up for the Donovan family.

“With the amount of work we do, we should pay it off in 1100 hours. I plan to turn it over on 3000 to 3500 hours,” Simon concludes.


Dual purpose RoGator gives contractor options

20 December 2021

The Liverpool Plains Groundspray team with their new RG700B with WEED-IT technology fitted.

A RoGator RG700B has proven to be the ideal ground spraying tool for New South Wales contractor Bob Sipple.

Bob purchased his second self-propelled RoGator RG700B sprayer in July 2021, to replace his previous RoGator RG700, which he had for five years.

“The two RoGators are both essentially the same. We had a good run overall with the first RoGator 700. It was a good machine.

“We probably do 1200 to 1500 hours a year on it. It all depends on the season. In the summertime we do night work if we get behind, so we do some big days.”

Bob has been operating in the Liverpool Plains region for 25 years from his base at Quirindi in northern New South Wales.

Liverpool Plains Groundspray operates on 15 to 20 properties all year round mostly doing broadacre spraying plus some dryland cotton spraying.

“Over Spring, growers are sowing sorghum, cotton, beans and sunflowers. This year there has been a reasonable amount of rain, so there will be quite a bit of cotton over the summer.

“Then we do Winter wheat, barley and chick peas. Most people will plant half the farm and leave some of the farm fallow. We usually get good rainfall all year, so people can sow summer and winter crops, which keeps us busy.”

dual purpose machine

RG700B with WEED-IT sensors
RoGator RG700B with WEED-IT spot spraying sensors fitted.

Bob’s new RoGator RG700B has a 120-ft boom and a dual-purpose spray line with WEED-IT Quadro sensors that allow him to do both broadacre spraying and spot spraying.

The boom is fitted with Arag 2×2 nozzle bodies, each of which has two nozzles for spot spraying and two for broadacre spraying.

Local Croplands agent, NFS Ag in Gunnedah, sold Bob his Rogator RG700B and installed its dual-purpose spray system.

Along with the option to do spot spraying or full boom spraying, the RoGator RG700B can work on 3m-4m wheel spacing. This gives Liverpool Plains Groundspray the flexibility to operate in the different terrains found in northern New South Wales.

“We have a mix of sloping country with contours and flat plain and sub plain country, so there is plenty of variety,” Bob says.

He says the RoGator 700 sprayers are a good size and lightweight compared to other sprayings, so they do not leave big wheel tracks.

“Sprayers can be quite heavy these days. The main thing with the RoGator is that it is light – we don’t want big wheel tracks everywhere.”

Bob likes the 120-foot aluminium boom, which is sturdy and provides good coverage so he can get through a large area of work in a day.

The sensors that operate with WEED-IT Quadro spot spraying technology ensure precision spraying by detecting chlorophyll in the leaves of actively growing weeds in fallow fields. Spray nozzles are then activated via a 50Hz 6-volt PWM-capable solenoid releasing a burst of spray directly onto the weed. This advanced mode of detection enables faster travel speeds and targets even the smallest of weeds.

They are really good. We pick up quite a bit of spot spray work as there is quite a bit of demand from growers

Bob Sipple, Liverpool Plains Groundspray

Inside the cab, the RoGator has all the standard features including Trimble autosteer, and air bags for safety.

The RoGator can travel on the open road at 50 kph, so Bob can travel between jobs efficiently.


Bob has been dealing with NFS Ag for a number of years and buys all of his equipment from them.

“They are only 80 km away, so they are pretty handy. They always come over when we have a breakdown and are here when we need them.

“Our last RoGator had minimal down time. There were some little things, but as a rule it just kept going.”

Bob has no hesitation recommending RoGator sprayers and WEED-IT technology to other contractors and farmers.


Quantum Smart Spray brings speed and smarts to SA vineyards

21 October 2021

Croplands Quantum - Steve Liebich
Steve Liebich has already put his new Quantum Mist Smart Spray to work

Brothers Dave, Chris and Steve are the guys behind Liebich Family Vineyards, which owns vineyards along the Murray River around Cadell and Taylorville in South Australia.

Their eight vineyards produce 14 different varieties of wine grapes.

The brothers bought their first Quantum Mist vineyard sprayer 10 years ago. They updated it five years later, and then, in 2020, they purchased their first Quantum Mist Smart Spray.

Croplands Quantum Mist Smart Spray
Quantum Smart Spray is available in two or three-row options

Quantum Mist Smart Spray vineyard sprayers are available in two or three-row options and the Liebich family chose a three-row version.
The Smart Spray has a 4000-litre tank and a new heavy duty boom design for multi-row spraying. Each dropper arm on the boom is fitted with three hydraulically-driven QM-420 fans.

Specifically designed for sprawl and vigorous canopies, three fans per row achieve comprehensive canopy penetration and industry-leading coverage.

New row width boom sensors ensure the boom and fan frames are precisely positioned in the row. Each QM-420 fan is fitted with dual spray rings with five nozzles fitted on each ring. This gives a total of 10 nozzles for maximum spray rate flexibility.

Although most row widths across the Liebich operation are 3.35m, the new boom can be set from 2.5-3.6m by re-setting the in-cab Fusion controller. Steve Liebich says some of the vineyards are on single wires.

We can direct the fans to the single wire and turn off the fans we don’t need. This minimises waste and directs all the spray to where it is needed in the canopy.

Steve Liebich, Liebich Family Vineyards SA

With the new Fusion controller, Steve can perform all required adjustments from the cab including rate, row width, fan speeds and boom height giving him total control from the tractor seat.

“For example, if we are going from small canopies to large canopies, we can increase the rate at the push of a button,” he says.

By simply changing from Tier 1, 2 or 3 on the Fusion controller the sprayer operator can spray a low, medium or higher rate using the new touch screen controller.

“It’s quite handy. Some grape varieties are more prone to powdery mildew, and we can just hit them harder without changing nozzles.”

Croplands QM-420 Fan
QM-420 fans are fitted with dual spray rings for maximum spray rate flexibility

Generally the vines are sprayed at least every 14 days, although in some seasons it is more often.

By moving up to a three-row Quantum Mist sprayer, they can now cover a vineyard quicker. Steve says by using less diesel, they are more environmentally friendly.

“The speed and efficiency of our new Quantum Mist Smart Spray allows us to cover the ground quicker, knowing coverage hasn’t been compromised,” Steve says.

Quantum Mist Smart Sprays have upwind and downwind compensation. This new feature allows the left and right facing fans on the sprayer to operate at different speeds. This is great for combatting cross winds and minimising spray drift.

Fusion Controller
Quantum Fusion controller features full colour touchscreen and integrated joystick control

The new Fusion controller system uses a full colour touchscreen and integrated joystick control.

“We like the adaptability and ease of operation. It is easy to drive, so operators have less fatigue, especially when they spray at night.”

Working speeds with the Quantum Mist vary depending on the grape variety and the type of canopy. It can be up to 10 kph if rain is threatening and they need to get on with it. Usually they work at a slower speed, and with full season canopies this could be as slow at 5-6kph.

Dealer Stuart McKay from McKay’s Auto and Ag Centre in Waikerie, SA helped set up the family’s Quantum Mist Smart Spray and he has given great support service.

McKay’s Auto Centre stocks most parts, and the Croplands factory in Adelaide is only 90 minutes away if anything further is required.
Steve says the Smart Spray was only released last year, but it has already attracted interest from neighbours.

I have had other growers ask me how it’s going. We must be happy as we are buying another one. We will have two operating this year. We like to keep on top of the new technology.